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The Impact of your Donation

WBHS has been fortunate to be able to offer quality education due to the committed support of its parent body and various sponsors, which supplements the contribution from the State. It is a reality in South Africa that the State has to commit significant funding to redressing the inequalities in our education system. For this reason the costs of running a large school like WBHS, which emerged out of a privileged education system, is only partially funded by the State.

WBHS is categorised by the State as a Quintile 5 ‘advantaged’ public school. As such, the State funds less than one-third of the total running costs of the School. Parents of current students are therefore funding the bulk of the operational costs of the School through school fees which currently sit at over R33 000 per year. With the current operational cost, these fees do not provide for campus development or the advancement of the academic, extra-curricular and technological environment. Funding for capital costs such as these are critical if WBHS is to continue to provide the high standard of education to which we aspire.

With this in mind, the Foundation has been established to ensure the School’s long-term financial sustainability and its continued ability to ensure educational advancement while keeping the annual school fees affordable.




Funds Raised

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin 000 000Raised R9 006 023 towards the R20 000 000 target.R9 006 023Raised R9 006 023 towards the R20 000 000 target.45%

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