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Donation Methods

There are several ways in which you can donate to the Westville Boys’ High School Foundation:

Cash Donation

A cash donation can be made by completing a Foundation Pledge form. This entitles every donor to membership of the Foundation. Payments may be made in the following ways:

  • Once-off payment via cash, cheque or EFT
  • Debit order authorisation
  • Arranged payment terms.

The banking details are as follows:

Branch Code: 04542644 (WESTVILLE)
Account Number: 371101247


A bequest is an effective way to make a planned donation to lessen the burden of taxes on your family and on your estate. Please consult your legal adviser before drafting a new will or updating an existing one. A codicil to your will is obtainable from the Westville Boys’ High School Foundation Office.

Other Donations

Bonds, shares, life insurance policies, real estate and other securities may also be donated or bequeathed to the Westville Boys’ High School Foundation.


The School offers opportunities for advertising in or around certain of its high-profile facilities, such as the on-campus Aquatics Centre, Multi-Purpose Centre, Bowdens Field and Commons Field, as well as the off-campus Hockey artificial turf facility. Advertising rates may be obtained from the Foundation Office.

Gifts in Kind

Gifts-in-kind include a variety of goods and services which may be donated to the School via the Foundation (e.g. professional fees or services, building materials, computer equipment etc). However, in terms of South African tax regulations, gifts-in-kind do not qualify for
tax deductions.


Tax Incentive

The Westville Boys’ High School Foundation has Section 18A status as a Public Benefit Organisation. This means that South African taxpayers may be eligible to enjoy a tax deduction for donations of up to 10% of their annual taxable income. Donors are issued with a tax certificate. Please consult your tax advisor for assistance with planning your donation. Similar tax efficient avenues that are available in other countries such as the UK, Canada, Australia and the USA are being explored by the Directors of the Westville Boys’ High School Foundation. For current information in this regard please contact the Westville Boys’ High School Foundation.

Funds Raised

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Upcoming Events

Reunion weekend: 01st June – 03rd June 2023