- The Targeted Strategic Projects -

The Westville Boys’ High School Foundation aims to generate financial support that will target specific strategic projects in the support of the “Four Pillars” of the School. These plans will initially focus on capital projects aimed at developing the school campus, although in time it is expected that the Foundation will aim to support the School through other initiatives such as the professional development of the teaching and coaching staff.

Targets for Boarding House and Student Centre
Current projects
  1. Reconstruction of Boarding Establishment – to commence in 2020.
  2. Tracked Learner Bursary Programme
  3. The griffin wall project – Click here to learn more
Future projects

Projects that require funding in the immediate future include:

  • Upgrading of the IT facilities
  • Upgrading of change-rooms
  • Upgrading of experimental science laboratories

Projects that require funding in the medium term (2-3 years) include:

  • Construction of a Performing Arts teaching facility
Past Projects
1. Purchase and Refurbishments of Four Boarding Establishments
2. The Griffin Gym and Coffee Shop –  Thank you to the class of ’88
3. Refurbishment of the MPC – Thank you to the class of ’99

Funds Raised

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Upcoming Events

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