The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low and achieving our mark”.
WBHS Grade 11 pupil Mambo Mkhize has set his aim high.

“My main goal is to play Springboks by the age of 21, get more than 100 caps, eventually captain the team and win world cups for my country. I also want to be a successful businessman, firstly to give everything back to the people that had a contribution in my life, especially my mother. I want to leave a legacy, I want to change people’s lives”. Brad Aigner and Graeme Pitt, through their company, Freshly Ground Insights, are backing Mambo’s high aim through the Westville Boys’ High School Foundation. “WBHS has been very good in developing the four sons from our respective families. The school has been played a significant role in building our sons’ characters, and most importantly, their confidence. We wanted to give a young man who has been less privileged than our sons, the same opportunity,” said Brad Aigner.  Mambo’s roots lie in the township of Inanda.

“Growing up in Inanda taught me many things in life and gave me many lessons. I grew up with gangsters in my community, so all I knew growing up was everything gangsters do. I thank the Lord and my parents for teaching me the right way of living. Now, instead of doing what everyone around me is doing, I do the total opposite, which is good”. This tough upbringing, coupled with a determined young talented rugby player, was the key reason for FGI’s, and ultimately Brad Aigner and Graeme Pitt’s decision to sponsor Mambo.  “From all of the candidates presented to us, we chose Mambo because we saw a young man with strong potential. When we spoke with Mambo, we were impressed with his humility, and love of his faith, family and school. We also saw in Mambo someone who sincerely cares for the welfare of his fellow man, a selfless spirit”.

Mambo’s commitment to WBHS and ultimately his life journey, comes from a heartfelt appreciation for the School’s input into his life.  “WBHS doesn’t just offer academics and sport. They also offer things that can make a better person in life. I moved to WBHS from a top Durban school in Grade 10 and I don’t regret it. In my opinion, WBHS is the best school in South Africa”.
The 1st XV Centre is already proving he is going places with his selection to the KZN Craven Week side for 2019.  Graeme and Brad sincerely believe that WBHS will continue to bring the best out of Mambo. We thank them for contribution, and for believing in Mambo. 

*Established in February 2007, Freshly Ground Insights is a market research company that operates throughout South Africa as well as the African continent. The business uses its wide coverage and the latest technology to find answers to its clients’ questions in the quickest possible time, with no impact on quality.